September 13, 2015


Sukiyaki is one of my favorite food. Similar to hotpot but without boiling water. You use electric/gas stove  and large skillet or large shallow pots to cook your food.

Generally you can put whatever you want but if it's your first time trying follow these ingredient first!



For 2 servings:
- 1-2 trays of sliced beef.
- 1 whole nappa, chopped
- 2 trays of tofu, cut into bite size
- 2 packs of Enoki mushrooms
- 3-5 stalk of green onions, chopped
- 4 white onion, chopped.
- 2-4 bags of itokonnyaku (clear glass noodle)
- 4 packs of udon
- 2-4 eggs

Have these on aside:
- soy sauce
- brown sugar
- beer(optional)

1. Heat your skillet to med-high.
Layer the following ingredient :
- nappa
- onion
- green onion
- slices of beef

2. Drizzle brown sugar on sliced beef, beer(optional) and then soy sauce.

3. When it starts cooking nappa will build water as part of cooking process.  Let it simmer at med heat.
*If it starting burning add water yourself.

4. Gather nappa into the middle and add, tofu, enoki mushroom, itokonnyaku into simmered water. Let it simmer for few minute.

5. Once the beef slowly browning, stir beef, nappa, onion together to cook further more.

6.When it's ready, in a serving bowl beaten an egg. Grab any food you like from the skillet and dip into the egg bowl.

7. Repeat #1 again once you run out of beef.

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