January 25, 2015

Painted Porcelain Jar

I had lot of leftover paints from painting walls and doors so decorated this plain white porcelain jars I use in my kitchen.

Just doing little tweaks makes your kitchen look different!

Striped Porcelain Jar: after

- Porcelain jar
- Masking tape
- Semi-gloss indoor paint
- Paint brush
- Jars you want to paint on
- X-acto knife

1. Use the tape to mask out any design you like. I love stripes so I'll stick to my favorite design. You can use ruler to measure the thickness of each stripe but I eyeballed it for this project.

2. Go nuts and brush on. I did 3 coats to get the bold color to appear.

3. After 48hour of drying peel off the making tape gently. If the paint is coming off with the tape, use X-acto knife to slice between the paint and tape.    

Striped Porcelain Jar: before

Striped Porcelain Jar: wip

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