January 12, 2014

five-year memory book

A small new year's resolution this year I want to challenge is to write a daily diary. It's a diary that includes calendar date you fill in the year. Write about your day and turn the page to fill in the date accordingly throughout the year. When the year end, you go back to first page and fill in second entry space.

An idea I had with this diary when I saw this for the first time was that it would be nice to see people do is for mothers-to-be to start this diary the day they find out they're having a baby and record their changing life for next 5 years. And to go a little further, when the kid grows up, the mother can share or give that diary to the kid and show what their first 5 years was like. 

It's more like 5 years of new years resolution but this is the best time for me to start and compare what my life is like for next 5 years. My lifetime goal will always be how many projects can I accomplish so this would be fun to look back each year.

5 year diary


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