December 4, 2011

homemade soba

Few weeks ago, I took Soba lesson with my mom. I never had an experience with noodles so I had to try.

We had processional to show us demonstration on how to make Soba, then all the participant make their own, and after that we all get to eat the instructor's Soba he made.
Since this was my first try, I totally failed to roll out the dough. I didn't have enough flour on the surface so the dough got stuck to each other. The dough has to spread to the point it's almost like wonton sheet, which I accomplished that part!
The best part was to slice the noodle. The blade was awesome to use!

I'll be honest, I actually hate Soba. There's this strange after taste I dislike about it, all store bought Soba taste like that. But after having homemade Soba it tastes nothing like the regular Soba. It actually tastes like noodle.

So after discovering the TRUE taste of Soba, my mom and I were thinking about making Toshikoshi Soba(Soba served on day before New Years Day) as our tradition. My parents are in Japan right now deciding to buy all the equipments!

All these Soba photos are instructor's, mine was too ugly to show...

starting point




chop chop


Soba complete!




  1. Wow, awesome. I'd love to learn how to make Soba noodles.

  2. wow yukiko! these are amazing! can i get the info from you, i'd love to take this class!


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