November 21, 2011

simmered soybeans and salmon

I tried out this recipe and it goes REALLY REALLY well with rice. This is more for sidedish but I had it as main entre!
Soybeans has Isoflavone that does similar function as hormones protecting from cholesterol. This is especially good for middle age people.

- 1cup soybeans; in bowl with 6 cups of water sit overnight OR on the day of simmer soybeans for 1 hour.
- pinch of salt
- 1 salmon fillet; cut into bite size
- 1 spring onion; chopped in half
- 1 chunk of ginger; cut into 4
- 1L dashi(fish broth) OR veggie broth
- 3tbsp sugar
- 2tbsp sake OR any liqueur
- 4tbsp soy sauce

1. Pour pre-prepared soybeans in a pot and boil with pinch of salt. Add more water if required. Strain.
2. In different pot, grill salmon.
3. Add spring onion, ginger and soybeans. Saute all together to bring flavor.
4. Add dashi and sugar. Simmer for 8 min.
5. Add sake, soy sauce, and simmer for another 20-30min. At this point it's up to you if want to simmer more for flavor(it just gets saltier).
6. Discard spring onion(I just eat it instead of throwing away) and ginger, then serve.

simmered soybeans and salmon

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