November 16, 2011

share my childhood memory

Who had the REAL Polly Pockets when you were young? I saw the current one and they're nothing like these! To be honest I didn't play with these that's much cuz they were so tiny. It was more like miniature display purpose toys.

So last week I took a week off at my home town. It was time for me to clean up my room and decide what to keep.
I want to share some of my work I did during Grade School. I found my shield I made in Gr. 4 project. Clearly Dragon-ball influence!
The shampoo package design were Marketing class I worked on with my friend Jen. She has the pink version. Unfortunately these were getting gross so I had throw them out..... But here is the photo to keep me reminded.

And my collection of Disney puzzles. I had these since I was Grade 1 and Grade 3. These are worth to keep.

who remembers REAL Polly Pocket?

baby nursing polly pocket




1 comment:

  1. Combine that dragon with the shampoo to get something like 'Dragon Stardust Shampoo' and you've got yourself a winner. As for the old toys, I probably have some old GI-JOE's in the basement haha.


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