September 11, 2011

my ottawa trip

I had a little road trip with Sir Charles to see "Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome" in Ottawa. We arrived in the evening, walked around at the night time Parliament.
Last time visiting Ottawa was my Gr. 8 graduation school trip. I only remember seeing the Parliament and shopping at a mall that I would assume was Rideau Centre and dropping by to Hersey's Factory.

When we got to the Parliament, there was a show going on of a team named Mosaika, a sound and light show. They used projector light(or some kind) and used Parliament building as projector screen. It was showing the visual images of a culture of Canada.

Ottawa is a nice quite city. It's not too packed like Toronto where it's packed with people and building in tight space.

More photos of the trip to come!

Ottawa and Quebec





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