June 6, 2011


I went to Unionville Festival that I never heard of while knowing Markham for more than 10 years. It was part of Paul and Kevin's birthday activities.

This was perfect opportunity to take night shot with my DSLR. We went to the pond fairly early to grab a seat. While waiting, I was setting up my camera for night shots.
I got a little worried when things wasn't turning the way I thought it would. Everything was turning too dark or too bright.
But once the firework started I think I managed to get the right setting. I'm not sure if this was correct settings but some of them has interesting shapes that inspires me enough!

The photo below was a shot(when adjusting my camera) of over exposed night shot that kind of looked like a place got bombed.

over exposed night shot

fireworks started off with jelly-fish like


fireworks everywhere



golden burst



smoke flowers

green bloom


  1. yukiko! great captures.. i actually like the smokey one the best.. the reflections.. everything looks so surreal. =]

  2. I agree with Gabe! The first picture with all the smoke makes it look like a scene from a fantasy setting!


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