May 26, 2011

natsume ono

I think it's enough post on my trip to NYC.

Last thing I want to share is the books I bought at Kinokuya that I enjoyed reading. They're all written by same person. Natsume Ono has interesting drawing style that reminds me of Europe pop art, in video game world something like Parappa the Rappa art. You'll notice from her vocabulary and environment she uses, a huge influence from Italian culture.
But her current story she's working on is Japanese jidaigeki called Sarai-ya Goyou(House of Five Leaves) which made into anime done by Manglobe(creater of Samurai Champloo)

My favorite is "Not Simple" I know this has in English translation. Did anyone watched the Oscar nominated film, "Precious"? If you enjoyed that, this is a book for you.

manga i bought

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