April 24, 2011

NYC 2011

I took a week off and spend my vacation at NYC. It's been very nice week, I was able to forget about work and free my mind.

The highlight of the trip I went to see Kickshaw, The MET and shopping of course. During my shopping, many of the store doesn't accept taking photos anymore... I was disappointed by that. Soho's shopping district has beautiful interior designs, exclusively for Soho. If I knew this before hand it would of been less difficult for me to carry my SLR and my shopping bags through out the day...

I'll take my time to post photos I took. But for now, I need to adjust my mind to my normal life.

Places I went:
Game Workshop
Hagen Daz
Esprit Outlet
Free People

Kickshaw - grilled cheese, specialty coffee place
SetagaYa - Japanse noodle place
Shabu-tatsu - Japanese hot pot
Minamoto Kitchoan - Japanese traditonal dessert
IPPUDO NY - tradtional Japanese noodle place
ChikaLicious - Dessert bar

back from NYC

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