April 27, 2011

kickshaw anyone?

Who has gone to The Queens Kickshaw yet?

I posted a little information about the Astoria's friendly and comfy place to hang out cafe + bar(will be in this summer). During my vacation to NYC I practically went to Kickshaw almost everyday for brunch.

Almost everything in here are all handcrafted and reused old items. I especially love their table top that they reused from old wooden board. I would love to make my own dining table like this someday!
The bottom second photo is a light shade that we used as inspiration for Kickshaw logo design.

Next post will be photos of their specialty grilled cheese sandwich and drink that I miss eating them!

welcome to The Queens Kickshaw

fancy light

inside the cafe

flower lights

V60 coffee

handcrafted wooden table

front counter

coffee and soda collections

best chocolate!

the origin of Kickshaw logo

best pastry!

1 comment:

  1. This looks like a great space for brunch and dinner! The logo is right on for it!


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