February 6, 2011

Pickled Sweet Vinegar Garlic

My mom has a Japanese magazine with interesting topic about pickled garlic. It has a recipe of how to make it in quick time and the benefit of eating it.

So here is the recipe:
Ready-in-One-Night Pickled Sweet Vinegar Garlic
- 4-6 whole garlic(each cloves peeled)
- 1 cup vinegar(any kind)
- 1 cup brown sugar(or any other kind of sweetener (if honey use 2/3cup)
- 1-2 tsp salt
- 1 empty Classico Pasta sauce jar or bigger jar.

1. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt until they're all dissolved(you can do directly in the jar or separate microwave safe bowl).
2. Put in garlic cloves into the jar(or bowl) until it's all packed in.
3. Put jar into the microwave and nuke for 2.5 min(It will bubble and overflow so you might want to put a plate or paper towel under the jar)
4. Pull it out of the microwave(jar is piping hot) and ripe off any excess water and quickly close the jar with a lid. Let it sit until the lid makes the "pop" sound(takes about 20-60min).

The garlic will hold in room temperature for a month or 1 year if it's in the refrigerator. You treat this garlic as regular garlic for cooking.

Some people drinks the liquid after you finish using up the garlic in the jar. It's just as healthy as drinking garlic sake. In a 1/2cup garlic liquid, add 2.5 cup water or more(just don't drink it with empty stomach).

- cholesterol
- high blood-pressure
- blood sugar concentration
- weight loss
- knee inflammation

Try it when you have time!


garlic skins

sweet vinegared garlic


  1. does this taste any different when cooking with these compared to using regular old garlic? it sounds like an interesting experiment to try out.

  2. It definitely reduces the smell and the taste of garlic. When you cook with it, it give bit of garlic and sweet aroma. From my experience you won't get the garlic breath as much using this.

    The taste of garlic goes more in the liquid so I would keep the liquid for additional taste to make stir-fry. It's like MSG replacement~

  3. ooh sounds nice. definitely going to do this later (:


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