January 11, 2011

yoga calender

My mom gave me this cool looking yoga calender from Japan. The paper is from Nepal, thinner than rice paper. Each pages are hand screened and painted~ Very cute drawing~
Supposedly it's a really popular calender in Japan for people who does yoga. They reuse the design every year.

So each pages has 2 months calender with different category. Jan/Feb(3rd photo) has poses that's good for your blood circulation in your brain. The 4th photo are poses to release muscles on your neck and shoulders.

The bottom photo is mini yoga in office. Now let's all try~

this year's calender~

the sun pose



mini office yoga


  1. OH MY GOD this calendar is amazing! Where did your mom get this?! I love the illustrations and also the fact that it has the Japanese names for each month.
    Akemashite omedetou btw!

  2. oh i love the illustrations! I'm actually thinking of starting yoga this year..


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