January 20, 2011

iced tea~

I bought a set of clear glass cups~ I never owned one and was really excited about using it so I made my own iced tea with Tazo's Passion tea.

I didn't know Passion gives this nice bright red!
Here is a quick recipe:

Homemade iced tea:
- 1 tea bag (any flavor) I use Tazo tea
- glass cup filled with ice and sliced lemon on top
- 1 or 2 cups of boiled water
- 2~3(or more) tbsp honey or maple syrup or sugar

1. Boil water and simmer with tea bag for 2~3min.
2. Discard tea bag and add sweetener until fully dissolved.
3. Pour tea into the glass cup and ta-da~

Tazo's passion iced tea


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