November 14, 2010

my very first website

This is a layout I did for my very first website. It's back in the time when FrontPage was my favorite web design software and used Geocities that has closed down few months ago.
I still remember when I made this, I ran into trouble of trying to figure out how to get rid of the blue border line when you have linked image. Took me a while to understand how precise you have to be with html. I look back at this and this site is just a one large image with 5 masked link using hotspot tool with colored background! How simple is that!

"KiDDy Factory" was my old website name I used to use. I still use this for user name for other places and name of my illustration series in my website. I decided this name to remind myself while you grow old with art, never to forget the heart you had for art when you genuinely love doing art when things around you didn't matter. I do miss how things used to be so simple.

So for my next layout of my site, I want to go back to my first layout where it's just a one image that shows my work. Hopefully I'll have it up beginning of next year!


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