November 17, 2010

best ketchup

I just had the BEST ketchup!!
Celine shared her homemade ketchup with me. I wanted to use this ketchup perfect as possible so I decided to make fried chicken and homemade baked fries! The ketchup was so good that sir Charles and I were digging in the ketchup. We finished the entire jar~

Thanks Celine! It was delicious!!!

home ketchup

yummy ketchup~

Fried chicken + home baked fries



  1. THE WHOLE JAR?!? holy cow!! you guys are hilarious! I love it!
    I love how much you guys love to eat!
    I am definitely make more ketchup next year, even though it took FOREVER to make! But worth it!

  2. My mouth is starting to get watery just looking at the fries and ketchup. i never heard of homemade ketchup before but the way u made it look , woow that's all i gotta say, by the way i was wondering how u made the homemade ketchup, i wanna try making some my self.<3


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