May 6, 2010

le creuset

I bought myself Le Creuset pan at William Sonoma. I love this vibrant red pan! In the future I do want to collect different color of different pan. My next goal is to get lime green grill pan from them!

I want my pans to be colorful in my kitchen!





  1. Yukiko! I am so surprised you got colourful pans! YAY colour!!! I love the red! But you know I always love red.
    The lime green grill looks really cool too! I have seen it!

    I wish I can find a le creuset warehouse sale somewhere in toronto.

  2. Celine! My future goal is to have clean white kitchen with wooden counter top and have colorful pans and pots.
    The red is really nice, it is the best color.

    I will collect all their pans someday!

  3. i heard that brand lasts FOREVER. good choice yukiko!!


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