March 8, 2010

my cupcakes

Sprinkles is one of my favorite store! I never tried their cupcake but I ADORE their designs!!! They have the design I like with simplsity shape with their sigiture dot!

While ago I got 2 Sprinkles cupcake mix as a gift. This is my first time baking cupcakes! I didn't have proper tools so it took so long to make! Expecially creaming the butter which by the way it's crazy how much you use butter in the cake AND icing!!!!
But it turned out great and delicious, I didn't paste that much icing on the cupcake becuase I'm not a huge icing fan so I put half of what Sprinkles put.

I'm not sure if this is a Japanese thing but try having chocolate related dessert with green tea. Best combination!!
Bitter green tea, the better!


yum yum!

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