November 8, 2009

german style baked pancake

My group of friends gave me a pancake mix of German style baked pancake from William Sonoma on my birthday while ago. I finally got the chance to make one on Sunday morning~
If this is how the Germans make their pancake I really enjoy how they make it and how it tastes!!

While it bakes the pastry inflates like a balloon~ Once you pull it out, it deflates so you have to eat it asap.
It almost tastes like the real french cream puff pastry. And it's not heavy as the American pancakes.
I really enjoyed it, Thanks you guys!

dutch baby german style baked pancake



  1. Hi Yukiko! i'm pretty sure i saw you at jin's birthday party but never said hi to you properly. i like your illustrations alot!

    these pancakes look so good! i need to buy some for myself too once i'm back in toronto!

  2. whooa! That is what the german pancake is?! Matt and I didn't realize that when we bought it!!

    It looks so good!

  3. Nuh uh. I totally realized it.


  4. hahahaha! whatever matt! We just picked it because it uses THREE eggs!!

  5. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Yum. :)

  6. haha.. i'm from germany and I NEVER saw a pancake like this before..
    But it looks delicious!! where can i get it?

  7. Haha, yeah my German friend told me that too!
    But you guys should really start it, cuz it's really good! I like this more then regular pancake.

    My friend got it from William Sonoma~


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