October 19, 2009

soup soup

Here are my latest soup I made~ I challenged myself with French Onion soup~ VERY VERY time consuming soup!! I think I spent 3 hours just caramelizing the onion! But it was worth it =) It tasted yummy with the bread with gruyere cheese, which amazing cheese!

The bottom image is Roquefort cheese soup with caramelized pears. I don't want to badmouth this cheese but it's probably the worse cheese I ever had. I don't know if I can handle blue cheese but this cheese was just TOO MUCH for me.
This is a type of cheese that was aged in the natural Combalou caves. The actual cheese itself tastes good but the smell of it is not so much.... If this is the smell of the cave(+cheese smell) I think I would actually throw up..... It's really not a pleasant smell.
So I actually couldn't eat this.....

1 comment:

  1. where's the recipe???please!!im a huge fan of the onion soup!! it looks delicious!


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