August 20, 2009

meal 46

It's been a while posting photos of my food~ Sir Charles was away for half of year for contract job so I was the only one in my apartment. It's really hard to cook gourme food for yourself. I enjoy making food for someone and feed myself =)
I'm back on board so I'll continue posting my food~

While back I had fondue with Jen where we were just pigging out chocolate and fruits =) What we learned was that once you try to reheat the chocolate it gets chunky and it's difficult for the fruit to dip into the chocolate. I think it's because of the juices in fruits has mixed into the chocolate so it goes all weird.


  1. Hi! Sorry to be posting this on an entry thats not art related, but I just found your blog.

    I'm on of the other artists who won the SF IV Inside Cover contest (the one with Guile and Abel) and I gotta say your piece was my favorite out of the other winners, you do great work! Ill be adding you to my reader, please keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you!
    I liked your Guile and Abel piece~ It had a nice composition.
    You as well keep up the good work! =)


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