May 27, 2009


I was in downtown last Friday and remembered Celine telling me about nice plaid dress across from SWAN so I walked there and took picture if this was it.
I like the store layout =)

Went to Yorkdale while back and I thought these dresses were nice at Guess.


  1. you went to Fawn?? I love her displays. She does such a great job with it. I keep chatting up with the store owner Kasha, she is so nice.
    How did you like the dress? I wish it fit me, but it is too big on me.

  2. Is that the name of the store? I went there after 6pm so it was closed. I took the picture through the window. =)
    The dress does look nice from where I see!

  3. Plaid dresses are my all time favorite. I will certainly take a look.


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