April 3, 2009

camera mapping

Testing on how to do camera mapping. I did it on shell beads. Did it work?? I don't know you tell me.

**Sorry Celine I stole your photo to do this. and yes, I did extend the photo to have more background. =)
The bottom photo is what I started with.


  1. haha! how did you do that to the photo? What is camera mapping?

  2. Camera Map lets you project a map from the direction of a particular camera. It is meant as an aid to 2D matte painting: You can render a scene, adjust the rendering using an image-editing application, then use this adjusted image as a matte that is projected back onto the 3D geometry.

    -description by 3ds MAX

    I can only explain it with visual presentation ;)

  3. hahaha...awesome!

    for a moment there i was like...damn! when it comes to art..yukiko really has some technical english knowledge!

    that said, after reading the description...i still don't get it.

  4. that was a great job!

  5. Basically you project a 2D image on a 3D object to give it some depth and allow the camera to move. Watch the beads, it looks like the camera moves around them (which should technically be impossible since the photo is 2D).

    This is what a lot of people call 2.5D. Yes, applying stuff I learned at work! = p


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