March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

How was everyone else's Earth Hour this weekend??

My Earth Hour was putting candle lights on my dinner table and had romantic dinner with Charles eating McDonald. ;)

Other then that my weekend was crocheting a scarf from Japanese crochet book that my mom bought during her trip to Japan. She bought herself a new set of crochet needle and gave me her old rusty needles for myself.

I brought my PS3 to my apartment so I started playing SF4 ONLINE. I SUCK ASS!!!! What the hell, did I not learn anything from all the SF games I've been playing???
Anyways I have my login now: lVlorrigan
So come play with me~ ;)


  1. Don't worry, yukiko, i'll log in one day and you'll feel so much better about yourself. ;p I've been trying to practice too. My thumb's just not up to par :(

  2. i'll meet you online yuk!


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