December 5, 2008

SF4 fanart

Another fanart I did~ Last time I did SF fanart was when SF3 3rd Strike came out! I remember I did the line drawing of it but I never finished coloring it.

This one I tried different approach where I started coloring in black & white first and then apply color on top of it. When you start with achromatic you'll find out how well you understand tonal value in real life. For me, I'm not quite there yet....

It's one of the way you discover that colors you see around you has very similar values.


  1. Fantastic. If I can find some way to print it in color, I'm 'shopping some new boxart with this image.

  2. awesome! but chun-li isn't chun-li without her ginormous thighs!

  3. in my original drawing i do have her thick thighs! but I didn't really color that area much so I cropped it out~

    But she also has busty torso so I followed that~ ;)


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