December 1, 2008

kenzo ramen

Do you know the Kenzo noodle place on Young and Steels in North York? It's one of my favorite noodle place in Toronto. The portions are small but delicious noodles and soup they make there! But the service there sucks really bad. There's Ajisen Ramen but I don't like how most of their noodles are greasy...

Anyways they had Kenzo in Markham opened less than a year ago. I was quite happy about that now that I don't have to drive all the way to North York for it~ But last Friday I went there with my parents right after golfing at golf dome, Kenzo was gone!
I knew the selection of the location wasn't the best but I didn't thought it would close this fast.... Can't any Japanese restaurant make decent noodles around in Markham??

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