October 20, 2008

my weekend

Friday, Charles and I went to Pho88 to celebrate his birthday~ How romantic is that? It's a tradition for Chinese people to have noodle on their birthday for long living and better fortune. He felt having pho but most of the pho I know either have too much MSG to make you fall asleep, higher chances to get stomach ache or reuse the spouts and reserve.
Pho88 is supposedly decent but sadly I got stomach ache there too... But they do serve lot more food than any other places.

I had to wake up early on Saturday to meet up with Celine at the yarn store near her house. Celine got this adorable knitting mittens book in Japanese that we're both going to knit mittens together.
This is my first time doing circle knitting. The difference is instead of using 2 needles to knit square, you use 4 or 5 needles to create seamless circle knit. Like when you make socks or hat. It's challenging but lot of fun!

So we worked on it until 6:30pm I had to leave to meet up with Charles and his friend at Keg for dinner. Because of one stupid car, jammed the whole DVP traffic I was 1 1/2 hour late for dinner. We all went there for prime rib but they were all out.... North York's Keg always run out prime rib after 7:30!
After all that we relaxed at Charles's place and his favorite chocolate mousse bomb~

Happy Birthday Charles~


  1. you use noodles to knit square? teehee!

  2. oops!
    thanks lynn!!


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