September 11, 2008


This past few days after Celine's wedding I've been doing absolutely NOTHING. For that reason I'm more sleepy during the day -_- I have good 7~8 hours of sleep and yet I'm still tired... I need to start a project before I get lazy~ or am I too late?

I started watching Claymore. In terms of violence, it's literally an European version of Blade of the Immortal but with chick actions with dramatic fencing. It's also one of those anime where you have WATCH CAREFULLY in order to figure out who's who, because almost everyone looks the same.
Story is okay it's for people who likes dark and fantasy story. It's good enough to watch the whole thing but the manga did start first so I'm planning to read the manga after I finish watching the anime. The animation is pretty weak, for an anime with LOTS of actions they abused the whole "panning" the camera with half still-image in action scenes.

The quality is definitely nice. They controlled the colors so well to give it a dark feeling. I mainly like the way they drawn the eyes~ =) You'll notice they spent more time on the eyes.

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