September 29, 2008

my birthday

On Friday night just when I was about to sleep Jen called me to go to Boston Pizza. Ian is dj'n there so I checked out~ At 12am Andrew and Benson bought me a shot and a fruity drink. Andrew was kind enough to get me a shot with less taste of alcohol. But Tequila Rose tasted like kid's cough syrup ;) That was actually my first time taking a shot~
While people were hanging around I saw Ray there~ Last time I saw him was in the same location but in Chako. He's still a funny man~ He comes up to me and lifts me up off from the chair like a little girl.
The place was like high school reunion. I saw few UHS people there where I knew their face but I don't know their name.
Man, alcohol makes you hungry. After we left I got incredibaly hungry. I feel the alcohol burning inside my stomach, its trying empty my stomach.

Saturday I went to Clothing Show, as usual they give you free bag with samples inside~ I got another razar! In my entire life I have never purchased a razar, this will last another couple of years!
I bought $5 black collar shirt at Five 0 Seven. There was a dress I liked but it was $165, that's over my budget.... =( Then I saw a cute plaid shirt but they didn't have my size.... So instead I took photos of those 2 and whenever I have the chance, I'll make them~

I prepared my 2nd annual crepe night after taking a quick nap~ I wish I have more pan to work with so I can make double each time I make one and serve double for each person. =(

Thanks to everyone for coming and especially for people who given me beautiful gifts~!!

So Eldon and Matt, I showed my keyboard to my brother showing him the same order as you told me. We both laugh at the USB extention cord, he opens the box to see the keyboard then he laughs again. He shows me an extention cord that already came with the keyboard. I can't believe I didn't even see that when I was passing it on to people that night.

Yes, I still use CRT as my main monitor. I think it's been 10 years since I had it. It still works beautifully, so I don't have a reason to replace it. ;)

There's many things Celine gave me~ This is one of a cute gift she gave me! It has a very mild smell in that little jar. I can't wait to use it for my meal!!

This is one of my favorite gift Jen gave me =) I opened it expecting that it's a photo frame, then I see the photo with us in it~ It's beautiful~ Thank you Jen!


  1. I went to the clothing show on Sunday and my reaction was exactly the same for that dress too! It sucks, everything that I saw there that I wanted was way too pricey T_T

  2. sadly yes.... -_-
    that store also had nice skirts too, but i was too scared to look at the price tag....

    can u believe this store is located in downtown st. catharines??? it's actually 10 min walk from my work!

  3. lol, well now you can use your keyboard like... 6 feet away. Though, knowing your eyes, you probably can't. ^_^

    In any case, thin keyboard > big clunking black keyboard.


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