August 11, 2008


My Friday night was spending time at Jen's to prepare a surprise bachelorette party for Celine~
From the information I got from Celine this past year on bridel shower that she likes, we went for non-traditional bachelorette party~ To be honest I don't know anything about bachelorette party so basically we did whatever we want to make it look good.

So this was us spending time on pom-pom flower decoration~ We kinda went over-board on the layers of the pom-poms.... ;) It discouraged Jen to never to do it again. Thanks to Matt who lent us fishing wire that can handle 14 pounds of weight, I didn't have to worry about strings snapping or anything~
After that it was already 4am, I went home to continue working on the decoration for the table and the "thank you" gifts. I got my brother to help me with it~ Thanks Yoshi!
By the time it was done it was 6am already I went to sleep for about 2 1/2 hours and went to Michelangelo's to continue off with getting the rest of my ingredients~ Then I wandered off to a park to grab flowers in the bush for floral decorations~ Luckly I went early in the morning because of the rain...

From 10am till 3:30 I was preparing the food for the party~ I didn't have that much sleep but I was so pumped!! I had so much fun making the food~ Mainly because I bought my ingredient from Michelangelo's where the food were so fresh~! I'm just been too used to buying food at super store.
We all meet up at Jen's place and plated our food. We got each people to make Hor' dourves from Martha Stewart recipe book that I have. The main reason is Celine liked the Martha Stewart Hor' dourve book I had~
We made this a little more formal so we got people to dress upscale casual(no jeans)~ I got Celine to dress nicely by telling her that I wanted to go to this nice place for dinner, and then after that we'll work on the wedding stuff.

Originally Celine wanted to serve cupcakes instead of wedding cake for her wedding but we found out cupcakes were expensive than wedding cake so we went for wedding cake. Ever since Jen and I decided to have the bachlerette party it was perfect timing for Celine to enjoy having a party that serves cupcakes~

Around 4pm I went to pick up Celine at J-town where she went there for her facial/make-up trial~ When I got there, it seemed like she just started her make-up because she was still on foundation. I wanted to just take her and drive down to Jen's but I actually needed to know how make-up around eyes worked so we stayed for another 40 min. While then I told Celine that Jen wanted to go with us to the dinner so we go there I call Jen and told us to come inside becuase she's not ready. I let Celine walk into the front door so Jen can lead Celine to the kitchen... Then surprise~!

The food turned out yummy, and tasted good~ Everyone, thank you so much for the support~! We couldn't of done this without you all~ It must of been stressful to make the food but we made Celine happy! Enjoy the gift!
After the party Celine, Jin and Charles came to my house to work on the bridemaid's dress. The guys watched movies while us girls were working. We were up around 3:30 then it made a noise that sounded like something heavy droppped on the ground. We were in the kitchen and I saw the patio drapery lifted itself a bit and dropped down. Anything in the house shook a bit. We all thought it was earthquake until the next day we saw the news... It's scary how it feel something when it's so far away...


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Yukiko! Thank you soooo much! I cannot say thank you thank you enough! Because this was done with such care and consideration for me, I don't think anyone has done anything like that for me!

    Best surprised EVER!!!

    And I totally didn't know that the big BUMP we heard was that propane fire until I read your blog!!! CRAZY!!!!

  2. This is a beautiful set-up!

  3. What the, you felt the propane explosion from your house? Is that even possible? I didn't feel anything...

  4. Were you up around 3~4am?
    Yoshi even came down to ask me what the hell that was.
    It was pretty small reaction though cuz Mark who was in the basement had his headphone on didn't feel or hear anything~
    It was my patio drape that made the biggest reaction.


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