August 18, 2008

Saltimbanco: Cirque du Soleil

I've been a little tired lately, with many different work I have to do. On Friday I got another day to bowl again which made me happy =) Which I forgot to mention that I went bowling last 2 weeks ago and I sucked really bad that I couldn't even score over 100 -_- BUT this time I scored 132! After that we went to viet cuisine on Bayview and Hwy 7 for night snack~

Saturday was a long day, I went downtown to meet up with Celine and drove around to thrift store in downtown east area. I never been to thrift store so I was amazed by the price they sell housewares. I even saw ikea products there. Almost everything were about 50 cents. We went to 4~5 places to buy tea light glass cups, we did well shopping~
We wandered around St. Lawrence market for lunch, we tried out a meal that kinda tastes like curry without a spice, instead of coconut milk it used half and half with giant tiger shrimps and rice. The place seemed like it was known for best kalamari but we wanted to control our fried food~
The food was delicious~!

After that we went back to Celine's and walked to M.A.C. to check out make-ups. Unfortunitly I have to look for make-up that'll suit my skin for Celine's wedding. -_-
Celine showed me collection of her make-up and MAN there's A LOT!
Then went to vegetarian resturant, fresh. That food was really good but they give you too much rice 0_o

The rest of the night, we worked on the skirt for the bridemaid's dress and flower vase for guest tables~

Sunday I met up with Jen and went to Jap Noodle, and Yorkdale~ We went to Sephora and Holt Renfrew. I honestly can't handle the smell in these stores. I get headache in 2 second...
I tried out few Shiseido, Smashbox, Shu Uemura, M.A.C products none of them really do the job well. They all gave me red rashes on my hand so who know what happenes when I put it on my face. I had Sho Uemura foundation on my cheeks and I got itchy and was creating bumps on my skin. But they have really nice false eye lashes! They look so natural~
I asked my mom about cosmetics when I met up with my mom and her friend to see Saltim Banco: Cique du Soleil. It turns out that my mom's skin can't handle anything that has fragrent in it. So NO Shieido for sure. She uses Clinique for make-up and uses Shaklee for skin care. So next weekend I'm gonna try Clinique and give Lancome a try~

Back to Saltim Banco, it was my first time seeing their show~ I thought it was at CNE but it was at Air Canada Center~ -_-
It had beautiful uses of colors on the costumes and the designs were so inspiring~!
I think one of the performer screwed up on grabbing the swing near the end but they still perform along with the mistake. The opening music of the show was so good!!!

I personally liked the live version more. The sound had more impact. The mp3 sounds softer and calming. If you go to their official site, it has short video of the show that's how it sounded. Strange... this video has few character that didn't appear at the show... there were no flames!

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