July 14, 2008

Friday + Saturday

This Friday I went to BriX for Charles's friends's birthday dinner. It's on the plaza where Bouton Rouge, go 4 Tea on Hwy7 and E Beavers Creek. I didn't really notice there was a resturant there. The food was pretty good. It's mixed culture food of European food with asian spices, but it was a little salty.
After the dinner we went to Charles's place and play Rock Band and Blazing Angels 2 which by the way is an awesome game!! If you love world war 2 planes, play this it's soooo fun. I'm not really a WW2 fan but it's like playing advance version of Star Fox 64 which I enjoyed playing a lot~
I thought I played all the Rock Band songs but I guess I didn't. There was this song I liked so much playing: Coheed and Cambria - Welcome home. I never pay attention to lyrics or the vocal part becuase I'm not a big fan of rock/metal's vocal voice but the music sounds so badass and it's so fun to play the guitar part!!!

On Saturday I meet up Celine to plan out her wedding. I'm almost done with her dress~ We had our last fitting with the top of her dress but I found out I still need to tighten the top side like good 2 inches more. The skirt is pretty much done, I just need to attach them with the top. It's looking very cute~!
Then we met up with Pan and had dinner, at Jap noodle~ Then we drove Celine to her eye doc and went to Benson's house. We played Banana Peel(I forgot what's it's called) It's basically no turnbase and time trial version of Scrabbles without a board. It was fun, simple and easy to to play to kill time.

Then we watched Wall-E at FMP. It was an adorable movie. It's like one of the most cute and innocent love movie ever.
The things I thought was it didn't have enough climax expectation. It kind goes up but it doesn't go high enough to the point where you think "oh shit, what's gonna happen??" It's also because after you find out the situation of why the humen are in space, you kinda get the basic idea on how it's going to end. And once you kinda predict it, the climax of the movie doesn't feel that intense. Then you start worrying about how it's going to end. I didn't want to see the humen are ready to go back to earth, do the time warp and then the credit shows up which I'm freak'n glad they didn't do that.
But I mean overall this is an amazing movie. I would definitly buy the dvd for it.

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