July 28, 2008

busy busy weekend

Very busy weekend this time 0_o Actually I'll be busy the whole Augest.... I'll pretty much be back in Markham every weekend of Augest so count me in when there's a plan!!

On Friday I dropped by Celine's to have her try her dress the last time. It fit well so it's ready to finialize the dress!! Then we spent most of the night talking about the decoration of the wedding and so~
It was about 12:30 when I left, I was suppose to hang out with Jen but by the time I called her she was already asleep.... Sorry Jen!

My mom was away to Japan so I was only able to eat instant noodle for brunch that my dad told me not to eat or else the men in the house will have no food until my mom is back. And they got me to go buy eggs and banana later today on Saturday...
I went to Fabricland to look around some fabrics and they got lots of pretty cute patterns in this season! I wanted all of them but I controlled myself to buy 1 yard of patched plaided fabric. It actually looks like the same fabric that J.crew was using for their shorts and summer dress. Is it just me?
Then I went to Home Depot to look for types of rope for the wedding. There's going to be flags hanging everywhere so we need a specific rope that suits the flags. Then went to Micheal's to see tea candle holder for table decoration.
In the evening I went to Red Lobster to celebrate Subhi's birthday. They had summer special and I had the Hawaii salmon meal. I've been avoiding Red Lobster so when I had it I actually didn't feel so well... -_- I really can't handle the greasy and buttery food.
I shoulda gotten smaller portion meal because I wanted to try their chocolate chip cookie ice cream for dessert. I think I'll go there this coming up weekend for dessert =) Anyone interested??

Sunday, Jen and I went to Celine's to work on the flag decoration. It was all cut and tracing going on all day~
The attention whore Mojo was keep coming in to the center sits down on the fabrics that we were working on. He's so adorable~!


  1. arf. i'm working the night shift now so friday night is no good. if you go out saturday night give me a call!

  2. Well Matt just planned something for us. I was gonna suggest bowling~ maybe after?


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