June 24, 2008

our little neighbor

We have a little neighbor who moved into our front lawn tree~
2 weeks ago a bird couple made their nest in the tree and laid 4 eggs. A week and a half later they hatched and now the babies are flying around our house. But the poor thing is one baby is still in the nest while the other 3 are enjoying the outside... That's what happenes when you have too many babies.
I hope this one will survive.

Just last Friday my mom went outside to take picture of them in the nest, but 3 of the baby were already outside flying around our area. On our driveway we saw the mother feeding her kids while their hopping around. You can tell they're still a baby because their head fur were shedding like when penguins shed just before they become an adult. Plus they're less aware when people go near them. One of them was on my car so my mom took a good close up photo of it =) It was so cute~

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