June 23, 2008

Jerome Jenner Gallery: Ode to Edo

RIGHT after work, I drove straight to the gallery trying to get there by 7. Then Kestin called me to drop by the studio to pick up my t-shirts to wear at the show~ It turned out pretty nice =) I always like the stripe t-shirts, almost any design will look good~

After picking that up I went to the gallery where my friends were there already and my parents. 0_o I know my parents are impatient with waiting so I talked to them first and quickly walked around the show. My parents bought the poster of the flyer from the shop, and then went home.
THEN I got the time to talk to my friends who came to the show~ (Thanks everyone!)
A little later Jo came who is my walking model for my tshirt I designed. She basically hand out Elliptic cards to people wearing my tshirt~(Thanks Jo!)

Here's the photos of my work displayed at the show~ I spent about a week on both piece, painted with acrylic on board. These pieces are about introducing women warriors. Even the women in that era had their own weapon to protect their family and home.

"Kaiken" - Short sword like "tantou" where they put it under her obi(the strap wrapped around the pelvis of the kimono). Usually recieve it as engagement/marriage gift.

"Naginata" - Another way to describe is spears. The long handle will keep away the opponent from her and her family. Also used during war.

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