June 23, 2008

first time in Buffalo

On Sunday June 22 I went to Buffalo with Jen and Anne for the first time!
I never shopped any other outlet in the state, so I was really excited! We had no problem going across the border other then they warned me about the Japanese passport where I'm convinced that I'm only showing my birth certificate and licence ID.
We went to fashion outlet first, going through the store:
- KB Toys
- Ralph Laruen
- Aeropostale : It's like better version of Bluenotes outlet. When they get cheap it's REALLY cheap
- Coach
- Calvin Klein
- J. Crew
- Fossile
- Gap

After that we dropped by Mc Donald for quick snack. I ordered Southern style chicken burger which we don't have here. It was the best juiciest fastfood chicken burger I ever had. The portion was small but it was still good!! Their bun was slightly different too. It has the most perfect form of a bun and it has this slight gloss on the surface of the bun. It made it look more delicious.

We checked out Target where I always wondered what it's like. It's basically a Walmart + Zellers + K-Mart put together in one store. There cosmetic selections were good! The Burt's bee products were almost half price! I had to get at least one of the product so I bought the night cream~

Then we drove to Walden Galleria and checked out few stores that we don't have:
- Abercrombie & Fitch Co. : It was really nice place but I HATE the smell of the perfume!!! It's like they use their perfume line as there ventilation. I was only able to stay in there for like 5 min, after that I need REAL air to breath.
- Forever 21 I saw a cute dress there but I realized I can make it within hour.
- Victoria's Secret They had 5 for $25 underwear deal but we went in 3 min before closing so I didn't get to buy 5 underwears =(
- Bath & Body Works

And mainly we went there for The Cheesecake Factory!! It was an AMAZING place to eat!! For so many portion with really decent price! I order this Luau salad. I was so close to finishing but I just couldn't finish the last 2 bite!!!

The meal was so amazing that I bought a takeout meal and a cheesecake for Charles. =)
Anne also bought a cheese cake for Jay so the car we drove was filled with Cheesecake Factory bags with food we bought for our partner and other 3 bags for the left over that us 3 couldn't finish.

That mall area had Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme Donuts that Charles like so we'll definitly come back there for food ;)


  1. man..i wish i was there! how much did you guys spend each?

  2. yeah it really was too bad you didn't come.... =( well next time! =)

    jen and anne spent about $200 and i spent around $50. ;)

  3. haha, i thought i read $500 and i was like whoa! only $50??? im disappointed yukiko!

  4. $500??!!! i spend less then that within a year!!!

  5. we should all learn from you...*sigh* but at the moment, i can only look up to you!


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