June 9, 2008

A Fine Balance

People know that I don't read books or to be exact novels, and it's true I do rarely read novels. BUT this whole 2 years and a half I was reading this book called "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry. Yes it took this long because I was going on and off with my reading flow. AND it was 800 pages where just looking at the book made me feel like it's going to take forever to read!! But I did it! Yeppie~ =)

This book is about how people in India was effected with their living style by the governement's new law. It talks about 4 different characters in the book how each person are taking this new law, as the problem gets worse you'll see the development of those 4 bonding.
It's pretty depressing how it ended, I assumed it would have a slight happiness. But it's definitly a great book to read.


  1. I have that book! made me cry so badly! it is a good read, usually oprah's club books are pretty good, even though some say it's too commericalized, but i think it has its merits.

    btw, matt chan's blog isn't the matt chan we know! he just randomly found it and put it on his msn and pretended like it was his...what a bum!

  2. Lol, this is totally unrelated to your post... but that mattchan.blogspot that ur linking to? Yeah... that's not me. ^_^

    Not that I'm arrogant enough to believe I'm the only Matt Chan you know... but I figured it was pretty likely.

  3. how embarrassing >_<

    you might as well tell eldon too!


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