June 29, 2008

birthday bbq party

On Friday I got a last minute invite about Jen's birthday party before she leave on vacation. I said to myself to stay here but I choose to go back to Markham for her~ So I drove back and had BBQ for dinner and surprize birthday cake with people.
After that Jaime had American Idol so we tried playing that~ It's pretty much a kareoke game. I wish I knew more songs -_-
We left about 11pm, I picked up Jen to Dominion to buy bug spray and then drove to Matt's. We tried out this PC game where you create your own character. I forgotten the name of the game but it was pretty cool~ The animation was really really nice. But I was too tired to make my own, so I left.

Happy birthday Jen~! You have a very safe trip!
Oddly Charles randomly choose to watch Borderland today.... scary

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