April 30, 2008

4 day weekend

I head to Markham on Friday, and watched Harold & Kumar~ I haven't watched the first one yet, well I didn't even know about the first one.. I looking at second movie's poster thinking why does this poster look so familier???
What was sad was the ticket was actually sold out for all of them. It was a funny movie but it wasn't THAT funny. I would say Superbad was funnier then this(come on who doesn't like McLovin??). Now when I get time I'm going to watch the first one!

Saturday was a long day~ Celine came by early in the morning and we discussed on her wedding plan all day, and went to Markville mall to check out the sandels that I thought it would look good on her dress. Sadly they didn't have her size... We would have to look for her shoe size before it's too late.
After that I went to Anne and Jay's belly dance birthday dinner at the Sultan's Tent~ The interior was so nice, the couch chairs were so comfortable and one of the belly dancer was beautiful~ It was awkward if you were suppose to look at her face or not, the belly dancer I liked had nice smokey eyes that made me kept staring at her ;) It was quite inspiring, I can come up a nice piece when I get time~

Sunday was drowsy day... I was swamped from Saturday... But I got myself and went to Charles's and watched Ocean Deep from Planet Earth. We expected deep water creatures but it only talked about water creatures in general... It was still good, but that's not what we wanted. Sharkwater was better I would say.
After watching that we went to YMCA to play squash for 2 hours or so then played Mario Party and Wii Sports later. It was fun relaxing night~

I went to dentist early in the morning on Monday. My dentist, eye doc and my dad's hairdresser had relocated their office to the new plaza on Hwy #7 and Woodbine. My dentist office looks amazing!! It's looks so high class, it felt like I don't belong their...... They put a game section for kids, it was temping for me to play~
Around 10am my mom had yoga class so I participated with her and her friends. I actually got muscle pain the next day! 0_o
Then I went to get my hair trimmed and I found out that my hairdresser had moved to Hong Kong for good so now I got another guy to do my hair for me. He actually gave me counciling on my hair. I like this guy so I told him you're my new dresser(I think he's your dresser Eldon? His name is Bell?). And I just found out that it's A LOT cheaper when you don't get your hair shampooed so I'm doing that for now on!

Tuesday I went to my Doctor for checkup and blood tested. I still can't get used to needles, well who can? But I actually get nervous and want to faint just seeing the needles and the smell of the alcohol.... I actually rather get punched in the face ;)
After that I went to quiznoz for lunch and head back to St. Catharines. I started making a coin pouch that I always wanted for a while, I just recently purchased a coin pouch frame and now I'm crocheting~ Looking forward to the result!

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  1. haha...yes.
    Bell is the guy I go to too!


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