March 16, 2008

this weekend

I went back to Markham on Friday to pick up Bax Bear from a gallery in downtown. I'll have the infomation up soon, but I'm basically custom paint the bear and display it on the gallery show~ So I went to do that then went to Fairview with Jen to check out the sandle I need for Celine's wedding. I tried out size 5.5 but I have a feeling it's a little big for me so I asked the Nine West to tranfer size 5 to fairview by next weekend. Hope that fits better~
For dinner we went cheap by going to the MacDonald with 2 can dine for $8.49. Right after that we went to Korean Bistro for Eldon's early birthday party. We pretty much chatted with bunch of people and chilled~

I get home and dropped by to Yoshi's room. He tells me he got a gift for me~ And this is what he got me!! It's a character from Yotsubato! I didn't thought they made Danboard~ So cute~!

You can take the head off and replace it with one of the character's head, very nicely painted~
And it has a switch where the eye turns the light on. =)

Jen gave me 15% off coupon to Dynamite. So I went back to Fairview again on Saturday and bought a denim capri-pants~ 15% off actually means something~ ;)

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