March 23, 2008

Rock Band Night

Long weekend!!! Yeppie~
On Good Friday Celine dropped by and we discussed on her wedding plan and the dresses~ Lots and lots of stuff to do!!! It took us whole day to decide on what we have to do NOW! So many things to do.... 0_o
Saturday night our group had rock band night! Matt owned one so we had it at my place~ It was LOT OF FUN~! I think almost everyone tried out the game, drum is just a the best instrament! =) Base can be boring sometime but it's a good way to learn how to play all 5 buttons. I just wish I knew most of the song to sing.... If they have J-pop version then I would so sing it~ They should have one!

While we were playing Rock Band Paul baked us biscuit for mid-night snack~ But sadly the biscuit didn't turn out good.... the recipe says table salt but I only had sea salt.

TIP of the day: DO NOT USE sea salt as replacement of table salt unless the recipe says it's okay

Didn't thought sea salt can give such powerful taste~ If it wasn't for sea salt the biscuit would of been very good!

So we pretty much played the game until 3am. Literally we played for 6 hours streight, last time we did that was in high school~ 0_-

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