March 30, 2008

free stuff from japan

My parents went on vacation for a month to Japan to celebrate their 25th(or 30th i forget) anniversity of living in Toronto. They were saying while they were on the flight, they met one of our old old family friend's mom who work as stewardess. What a coincidence! So she gave my mom the free package from business class, and it came with all these:
Free stuff from the hotel they went to~ My parents went all out staying at a hotel that has hot spring in their own hotel room~ Very high class~ So the washroom had all these interesting bath soaps and stuff~ The Silver package is crazy, all these weird stuff I never seen or heard of it. It's from Marks & Web obiously we know shampoo and conditioner, but there's scalp cleaning gel(is that like Head and Shoulders?) and repair hairpack(it's like extra treatment after conditioned).
This I never had, cherry blossem bath salt and bar soap~ They're so cute!!
Here we call it Magic Curler to curl your hair without using the stopper. This is the Japanese product that I wanted because I know it's made for asian hair~ The difference is these have thin layer of aluminum around the curler so that you can use the dryer to heat up the metal so the hair curls faster~ The diagram says it. Then there's the magic ball where you use the sponge to curl your hair and cap your hair inside the sponge ball, it's quite unique~

My lovely sewing tools~ If you need sewing tools you HAVE to buy them in Japan! They have very very fine dress pins that you just can't get them here in Canada, it's actually meant for silk or anything thinner material then silk. I just love Japanese chalk, they rub off without damaging your fabric~ And apprently they have chalk sharpener to sharpen the chalk so you get better fine line~ Most importently I wanted my own Japanese traditional thread scissors!! I love how they look!! That you CANNOT get here!!! It's so cute!!
Finally I got my Wii now~ Japanese too =) My mom got the Wii Fit so I played that today. It's EXACT game system like Brain Age but exercise version. It's one of those game where you just go back to it everyday to work out, get stamped on your calender and keep unlocking new exercise features. It actually tells you what age of a body you have just like how old is your brain like. I got age of 22~ So I'm doing well ;)
My mom forget how much it was but the site says the desired price is about $88 US. That's actually not so bad. Consider it~
So today I spent half of the day playing wii fit with my mom and played bowling with my dad~ It's been a while doing an activites with my parents! It's was fun!


  1. wow! japan is really known for creating weird stuff that we may find actually useful. been a fan of bath salts and I haven't seen bath salts shaped as something :D

  2. I haven't actually used bathsalts in my life~ looking forward to trying it!



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