February 10, 2008


I went back to Markham this weekend for Diana's birthday dim sum on Saturday~ I go back and see almost 40cm of snow! I think we only have 3cm in St. Catharines.
So anyways we went to dim sum at Metro square, since we went early there weren't too many people~ I got to see Allison who I haven't seen her since her birthday on our 1st college/university year~ That was great!

After the dim sum Jen needed to grab a cake from 1st markham place so we went there and went to Jacub outlet. Almost everything was 50% off ticketed price and 3 or more was 60% off. Luckly Jen had 2 items and I had one so we were able to combine them to get 60% off discount~ So I got my Jacub Jr. scarf for $2, NICE~!! After that Jen took me to Starbucks and had coffe there~ They had cupcakes so I had to get one. I've been craving for cupcakes for the longest time! The cupcake has vanilla icing with glass sprinklers and vanilla beans, it tasted so good!

This cupcake was pretty good. It wasn't the cheap cupcake like loblaw's bakery cupcakes. It has a lot richer creamy taste.
Next time we go I'm gonna try the chocolate cupcake =) mmmm~

After that we went back home and I pretty much did nothing at home. I wanted to work but I felt so lazy~ So I just sat around and read comic for rest of the night.

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