February 25, 2008

@ downtown

I went to downtown with Charles on Saturday~ Mainly we didn't have anything else to do~ ;) I forget the name of the store but we went to comic store on young and somewhere around Eaton Center. Man, that place really has lot of comics. Then we went to World's Biggest Book Store which I have never been to, it was quite fun. I like the used book store beside it more~
We went into Eaton Center and passed by Godiva chocolate and they had the biggest strawberries with chocolate dip on it!(my favorite!) Charles bought me one of medium size. The large one was HUGE! They were definitly generically engineered. But when it's too big it's harder to eat, it kinda gets messy -_- but yummy~!

We didn't get to walk around the whole mall but at least I checked out Club Monaco~ That's the biggest club monaco store I ever seen~ There was this one cute dress that maybe I'll make on when I have time. Man, I love club monaco's new stuff! So adorable!!
After that we went to Baton Rouge for dinner. I never been to one so we went there. Charles says the ribs their are really good so I ordered the Trio that also comes with chicken, 5 jumbo shrimp and baked potato. Yeah, that was filling~
We also ordered dessert, Charles had chocolate mousse and it was really good. You can't compare with my crappy mousse >_<> On Sunday I was packing LOTS of crap to bring my sewing stuff to my apartment, I managed to bring sewing machine and the lock machine~ So for few weeks I'll be busy working on Celine's dress and hopefully I'll get everything done on time! Now I need a desk for the machine, off to IKEA!!


  1. You ate the whole trio by yourself? that thing is huge. I just share it. Baton rouge does have good ribs tho

  2. yeah i did~ well i gave one shrimp and little piece of chicken to charles cuz he wasn't full from 1 pound rib. but i coulda finished it ;)
    but i couldn't finish my very last bite of brownie i ordered after. >_<
    yeah even the waiter thought charles ordered the trio haha


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