December 16, 2007

snowy day

Hey everybody how's your holiday been? oh wait you guys haven't started yet ;)
I'm enjoying mine so far! I've been sleeping healthy, waking up early and sleep early~

Yesterday, Saturday I went to Clothing show with Celine~ It's their first winter show so I was excited how it's gonna be. Everytime I go there I always go to the sample section. I found Paul Franks bikini for $25, it was so cheap so I had to buy that!!! Plus I somehow lost my bathing suit so I'm glad I found another bathing suit! Then I got $20 dress and $10 necklace of an old type writer keyboard button of letter "Y" and Celine got one too, except in "C" =) I think she bought more than me ;)

After that we went to Celine's and drove back to Finch station for me. Because of snow, it literally took an hour just to head back uptown. I had to show up to Eddie and Cindy's dinner party so I rushed myself driving back home to dress up. She lives pretty far, Stouffville? Never been there before~ She had a really nice house though, I loved it a lot~ We had dinner there and had secret santa gift exachanges. I enjoyed it a lot. I like this kind of party more then just drinking party like other group does and get smashed, I honestly don't know what's the big deal. But yeah, Ed/Cindy's party is the type that makes me very delightful. =)
Now today~ Crazy snow storm had screwed me over with wedding dress project that me and Celine was gonna do.... We're now already 1 day behind... >_<>

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