November 26, 2007

photos from One of the Kind Show

Here are the photos from the show~ Well it's more like the stuff I receieved. Here's the business card that I liked the most, and if you got time check it out.
Here are the links:
- Marmalade
- Jewel Envy
- Rabbit Green
- Pascale Faubert
- Chantelle Hodgkinson
- Schleeh Design
Here's my favorite ginger bread cookie brand~ I'm planning to make the cookies over the holiday~ Can't wait!!
Here's the overly expensive necklace~ I just LOVE the tree design so much!!! It has that retro feeling with that color they used with modern jewellery design~
And look! it's reversible!!!! I have "2" necklaces! =) I like the idea of having one europien design and asian design on other side, very practical!

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