November 25, 2007

One of the Kind Show

On Saturday evening I went to One of the Kind Show with my parents, Celine and Jin. I don't remember why I didn't go last year but I'm glad I went this year.
Just missing one year of craft show changes a lot. Lots of new crafters and this year had the best baby clothes, they were so damn adorable!!! My parents were saying how every year the show's losing stores that are for their ages, lately there're more young couples going to this. Slowly the show will become the craft show for young adults..... and slowly my parents won't be participating.
On the other hand I definitly enjoyed it! ;) I said to myself no more then $100 spending on this show. Sadly the one I liked a lot was so damn expensive for what I'm getting but I still bought it anyways -_- It just means I liked it that much! So I bought a necklace and my favorite ginger bread cookies Mad Batter Baker's cookie mix. I'm planning to make ginger bread cookies this year for christmas~ I already bought my own cookie cutter before hand, thanks to Michael's 40% coupon!

After that I went to bubble teaing with my buddies, and went to Matt's and played Katamari and Mario Galaxy~ Mario Galaxy is really a old time Mario 64~ =)
Oh yes and this is my last time seeing Matt Ly... he will be gone to New York.. I'm gonna miss you man, hope everything goes well there, good luck!

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