September 19, 2007

Loco Roco

I've been crocheting again, I have a bright yellow yarn that I used it for a scarf while ago. I still have so much left so what came up was making loco roco characters, the color is quite similar so I went for that~
If I can, I'm planning to use up all the yarn and make lot of them and have them displayed~
Well here's the first 3, let's see how much I can make~
Eyes will be there eventually =)


  1. omg yukiko those are the coolest things ever, i need to see another picture with the eyes! janet would go crazy if she saw that.

  2. Anonymous2:35 AM

    are these for sale??

  3. I'm still debating if I should sell them....

  4. My husband plays loco Rocco and my twin girls love to watch and direct. This would make a lovely father’s day gift if you are selling. Find me @mummy2twindividuals on insta


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