August 26, 2007

weekend: aug 24~25

Sorry this is a bad photo, I like photos without flash but it turned out really dark so I had to photoshop it out.
Anyways I went to Trever's Kitchen for nice dinner and matt's birthday. The meal I ordered was beef from alberta with asparagus and steak sauce with mushroom on side. The steak was AMAZING~!!!!!!! It was soooo soft. You know like some steak it has the streek of fat going through the meat? This didn't have that. It was just pure meat. Honestly this was the best steak I ever had!! I want to eat that damn thing again....... oh man...
After that we were suppose to go to Panorama but it was 45 min wait so we went to other place. Instead we went to Spaghetti Factory's bar, which I do prefer. I don't like the bar like the one beside it, epsecially the guy at the door you can tell he didn't know what the hell was going on. Actually anyone around us didn't know what was going on.
Well anyways I do prefer resturant bars, they're cleaner and quiet, looks nicer too. so we all had drinks and Charles wanted to try the spaghetti there so he went to the dinner table. It was pretty good deal, for $10 you get drink, salad, bread, spaghetti, tea/coffee and ice cream. I shared that with him. Sadly spaghetti wasn't "special" as people all say. Italian mother can make way better then Spaghetti Factory so Charles say. I'll be interested trying that~

We were suppose to go to CNE but it was raining so we cancelled that plan. =( Instead we went to CNAnime. It was kinda last minute so we only had 1 hour to go through the expo. Yeah pay $25(they better not raise the price) for hour is not worth it but i knew what I wanted to buy so I had to go there to buy them. So we went there to buy ticket and then Charles didn't have cash on him so I bought his ticket too. We go in split up to get what we want, I went stright to the book store that I like and WAS planning to get "I am Plastic" and Jon Foster's illustration book. It was $105 so I asked if i can get it for $100, I got a yes I pull out my wallet and I was $25 short.... Damn Charles took my money for his ticket so I was only able to buy this one.... Who comes to expo without cash?!?!?!? I actually went outside looking for the closest bank but I didn't see any... The ATM inside the convention were all out of service... So I had no choice but to get one..... =(Well at least I got one, it's a book of famous designer toys. I bought this so that I don't have to actually buy the toys, i can just look at them feeling that I owe them. I rather go for the booklet than space. So now I have all of them ;)


  1. hey yuk! my brother has that book! haha...AND he has a bunch of toys, he just keeps getting more and much money on plastic. =p

  2. yeah i remember seeing his collection, it's crazy~!!
    and it's displayed in your family room!! didn't your parents say anything about it??


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