August 22, 2007

weekend: aug 18-19

Finally for once I actually stayed at home for whole day~ It feels good, not worry about driving, getting ready to go out, just be lazy all day~ =)
So there's not much to say about my Saturday~ haha

Another day of relaxation, Matt invited me to roller blade but I can't seem to find my blade anymore. Even my mom doesn't know where it went.... I guess it's time for me to buy a new one~
Instead I went to Jen's house to chill, I do usually go back to St. Catharines early but this was the best time to see Jen since we're always in different schedule. So we chilled had dinner and went to Demitri's for dessert. It's been a while going to Demitri's, They had new menu called "moo lu lu" crepe so I had that and honestly it's like eating crepe version of Ferrer Roche chocolate. Whoever likes Ferrer Roche, go for that!

1 comment:

  1. sorry i couldn't make it out to dessert yuk, next time tell me earlier!


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